Importing Cars From Japan

NA6CE-113107tIf you want us to bid on a car in Japan or you see a car on our Facebook page of interest, this is how it works.

We charge £400 +VAT for doing all the admin, bidding, arranging shipping etc. This is payable at the end when the car’s in the UK.

Before we bid we need a deposit of £300 (fully refunded if we don’t win the auction). This is to cover us if we bid and win it and then you don’t pay the balance so we have to put it back in the auction.

SGL5-114028bYou tell us what the maximum you want to pay is, either FOB price which is the total payable to get the car onto the ship leaving Japan (includes auction price, auction, documentation and transportation fees) or the total UK price which is the FOB price, plus shipping cost, customs clearance and port charges (approx £200), duty (10%) and VAT (20%). If we win the car we calculate the FOB price, convert to GBP and need the payment from you straight away so we can transfer the funds to Japan. We usually can get some detailed pictures of the car taken in Japan and sent over.

When the car arrives in the UK we will get a bill for the shipping, customs clearance, port charges, duty and VAT, you then pay us that, plus our £400 +VAT fee and then, when it’s cleared customs, you can collect the car from Southampton docks. We can collect for you and get it MOT’d, registered in the UK etc at additional cost if required.